Amidst the Hills of Lonavala – Kaustubh & Lopa’s Pre Wedding Session

Lopa & Kaustubh remained school friends for years until recently they fell in love and took a step ahead to get married. What I have learnt from them during their shoot is, to have have fun each and every moment of life. The amount of laughter we had during this shoot, is innumerable and that is what makes the shoot very special and close to my heart. Never at a point I felt that I am doing my work and I have to take care of certain demands of the client. The shoot just went with the flow and the end result is what you see below.

Through out the shoot we tried to capture the main essence of the couple, that is the fun loving element with a small tinge of romance in them. So we started the shoot with some non-romantic playful shots and then eventually ended with a few romantic once. That completed the whole shoot of showcasing the true beautiful characters of the couple. I hope you like the most colorful and enjoyable pictures of Lopa & Kaustubh!

L&K - Couple Portraits-2

L&K - Couple Portraits-5

L&K - Couple Portraits-9

L&K - Couple Portraits-17

L&K - Couple Portraits-14

L&K - Couple Portraits-23

L&K - Couple Portraits-56

L&K - Couple Portraits-26

L&K - Couple Portraits-32

L&K - Couple Portraits-36



L&K - Couple Portraits-63

L&K - Couple Portraits-110

L&K - Couple Portraits-128

L&K - Couple Portraits-151

L&K - Couple Portraits-158

L&K - Couple Portraits-164

L&K - Couple Portraits-207

L&K - Couple Portraits-233

L&K - Couple Portraits-240



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